Spine and Joint Disorder’s

Spine and Joint Disorder’s

Spine and joint disorder’s came under vat disorder, Ayurveda offers the best time tasted remedies for pain related to osteoarthritis and spine disorders.

Spine Pain :

Back pain and spine related diseases are a group of very common problems and are growing in incidence over the years. Several reasons like weight gain, sedentary life style, wrong posture excessive sitting or standing etc account for the increased prevalence.

Joint Problems :

Joint Pain and pain while movement are among the most common problems for which a patient consults a doctor. There are several conditions that affect the normal functioning of the joints leading to the manifestations of different diseases. Injury due to trauma is one of the issues, leading to impaired joint function but the main issues that cause dysfunction in joints are inflammation and degeneration.


Spine and joint care program last for 8 to 14 to 21 days depending on patient age, prakruti, severity of disease.

1. Pre Procedure

Abhyangam swedanam.(patra pottali, shastik shali pinda swed)

Procedure :
  • Basti chikitsa
  • Janu basti -knee joint
  • Kati basti –lumbar spine
  • Manya basti –cervical spine.

2. Post Procedure

diet and exercise and yoga and oral medications as advised by physician.

Spine and Joint Disorder


  • It reduces inflammation and swelling tenderness.
  •  It rejuvenate nerves tendon and muscles which strengthen the joint and spine which boost natural healing process.
  •  It relives mascular spasm due to nerve compression which ultimately relives pain.
  •  It is cost effective and affordable treatment option for chronic backache other than surgical intervention.
  •  Makes spine and joints more healthy and flexible


  • Backache, sciatica, intervertebral disc compression,
  •  Slip disc,
  •  Spondilitis (cervical and lumber )
  • Degerative diseases,osteoarthritis,
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  •  Patellar tendinitis, knee bursitis.

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