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Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic syndrome which is seen more in females that causes body pain and mental distress. Musculoskeletal pain is seen in whole body along with weakness, fatigue, mood swings, confusion and memory loss.

Sometimes symptoms can be precipitated by a single event (stress, accident, injury, trauma etc) but the symptoms can build up gradually as well.


  • Gender: Fibromyalgia is seen more in women than in men
  • Family history: if you have a family history then risk would increase
  • Diseases: like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis may also increase risk


As such no major complications are seen but due to pain the sleep pattern is disturbed due to which signs of mental distress may be aggravated. Concentration is also compromised due to lack of sleep.


Symptoms :

Pain: widespread pain is seen in the patient which is a dull ache felt almost in whole body.  Fibromyalgia mostly covers whole body.

Stiffness: is seen especially in the morning in the joints and muscles. Sometimes jaw stiffness is also seen.

Headache: is also a common symptom seen with fibromyalgia.

Fatigue: patients feel tired all the time and never feel fresh after waking up in the morning.

Sleep disorders: like restless leg syndrome or apnea is also seen due to lack of sleep.

Irritable bowel syndrome: may also be seen parallel to fibromyalgia.

Causes :

Genetic: there may be certain genetic mutations that may make you more susceptible to developing the disorder. Fibromyalgia tends to run in families so if you have a family history of fibromyalgia then chances are more.

Infections: some illnesses appear to aggravate fibromyalgia.

Physical or emotional trauma: sometimes be triggered by a physical trauma, injury, accident.

Psychological stress: may also trigger the condition. So if you have fibromyalgia then stressful situations can make it worse.



Although no test can diagnose the condition but following tests might help to overrule the other conditions of pain:

  • Complete blood count
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  • Cyclic citrullinated peptide test
  • Thyroid function tests

Fibromyalgia can be diagnosed only on the basis of symptoms when there is pain which covers most of the body and has no other underlying cause defining it.

Treatment :

Conventional treatment for take pain killer medication or antidepressants, physical therapy, anti-seizure drugs but these treatments are not permanent and safe. Thus homeopathic treatment is the best treatment for Fibromyalgia.


  • Do regular aerobic exercise
  • Do stretching in mornings
  • Get enough sleep at night
  • Take balanced and healthy diet.Don’t take stress
  • Take proper rest
  • Do meditation


Ayurvedic treatment for Fibromyalgia is possible and you can lead a very normal life. After treating the complicated condition of fibromyalgia with Ayurveda in thousands of patients, at Ayusanjivani ayurveda we have developed a proper protocol for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Ama and Fibromyalgia

Ama is the result of poor digestion. And now we know a lot of details about- microbions. When it comes to the relation of gut health with the brain- this is scientifically proven. Therefore we need to understand this connection of poor digestion, production of Ama, and conditions like fibromyalgia.

Here is the table of the Ama and Fibromyalgia- a comparative study- 

Signs & SymptomsAma in AyurvedaFibromyalgia
Stiffness in BodyYESYES
Loss of AppetiteYESYES
Poor DigestionYESYES
Weakness in LimbsYESYES
Muscular SpasmYESYES
Disturbed SleepYESYES
Neural PainYESYES
Abdominal PainYESYES

The line of treatment of fibromyalgia is based on four points-
1.To remove the Ama from the body.
2.To stop the production of Ama, by helping Agni, solving irritable bowel syndrome-like condition.
3.The third is to balance the Vata.
4.To reduce the stress
We achieve these results through a complete three-dimensional approach of Ayurvedic Medicines, Panchakarma, agnikarma.

Panchakarma for Fibromyalgia :

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that has its roots in India. This system of medicine is based on the principle of balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda practitioners believe that when these three elements are in balance, health and well-being will follow.

Panchak is a type of Ayurvedic treatment that is often used to treat diseases and conditions such as fibromyalgia. This therapy involves the use of five different cleansing techniques:

1. Vam : This technique involves the use of herbal medicines and therapeutic vomiting to eliminate toxins from the body.

2. Basti : During this procedure, medicated oils and herbs are used to cleanse the colon.

3. Nasya: This therapy involves the use of medicated oils and herbs to cleanse the sinuses and nasal passages.

4. Raktamoksha: During this procedure, bloodletting is used to purify the blood.

5. Virechana: This therapy involves induced purgation to remove the deep-seated toxins from the body.

Panchakarma is often used in combination with other Ayurvedic treatments, such as massage and dietary changes, in order to achieve optimal health and well-being. If you are interested in trying this type of therapy, please consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.



  • Balanced healthy diet
  • Do regular exercise
  • Rest properly
  • Do meditation


  • Don’t take stress
  • avoid oily spicy fast food junk food

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