Recurrent Throat infections in kids and ayurveda remedy

recurrent throat infection

It is very common for all that lot of anxious parents seeking treatment for their kids who always suffer from recurrent throat or upper respiratory infections.

Believe me, these young anxious parents are not tougher to handle than their kids.

Kids who have recurrent upper respiratory infections usually develop symptoms which start with cold and can very fast progress into bad chesty or dry cough, fever  and even in difficult breathing. The bigger problem is the kind of recurrence that can occur in some kids.

I have personally seen kids developing infection every 15 days and seem to be perpetually living on antibiotics. This affects their quality of life and immunity wise and also in many ways.

Now, the big question is whether ayurveda has an effective remedy for the recurrence, the answer is a big ‘yes ‘.

Before we get to the ayurvedic solution let us try to understand why these kids fall sick so frequently.

We are born with Immune system(body’s own defence system) which inherits some antibodies from the mother during gestation and with breast feed . Quite a bit of Immunity is developed later in life. The cells that fight infection in our body are called as antibodies. Our body has a very intelligent immune system and can recognize a microorganism as new or one that it has previously encountered and respond accordingly. The response in the previously encountered microorganism is to send the already developed antibodies to fight that organism. In the case of new type of Microorganism the body creates specific antibodies and once they are made, they are replicated in the body in great numbers and stay in the body for long. They keep on providing cover against that specific kind of organism henceforth.  This is one the reasons why grown up’s don’t have infections that frequently.


The biggest reason for the recurrence of infections is that the young body with in immature immune system   is not getting a chance to develop natural immunity, as these kids at the slightest sign of infections, are being over-medicated by anxious parents and unscrupulous physicians.

As most of the pediatricians would agree that quite a few of these infections are Viral in nature, which means  that they require very less treatment and are self-limiting in nature. Bacterial infections are not that common and ones that can require antibiotics. It is very commonly seen here in India that at the slightest sign of any infection (even viral infections) antibiotics are given to kids. This Injudicious use of antibiotics is what leads to body not getting a chance to develop its own antibodies.

This leads to recurrence of infections. I never hate for antibiotics ,even I strongly believe that they are life saving medicines; but the parents have to realize that they should be given only when there is bacterial infection and the body is showing no signs of fighting it.

If overuse of antibiotics can lead to an impaired immune system.


How ayurveda would help in restoring immunity?

The answer lies in the basic principle around which ayurveda works –Ayurveda medicines increase natural immunity and fight against recurrent infections.

Drugs like guduchi,mulethi,tulasi,aswagandha ,haladi are best of the drugs of ayurveda which acts as booster on immunity.

According to ayurveda Diet plays important role in child care …proper diet helps to boost immunity and strength also.

Ayurveda herbal medicines works on recurrent infections well rather than overuse of antibiotics.

So dear parents don’t be panic while recurrent infections use ayurveda remidies used by your mother in your childhood…..


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