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“Whenever I prefer to walk on bare foot my legs always feel cold and weak since 2 months” :an 28 yrs young male patient share his experience in my clinic.

This kind of or similar experience I always hear from my patients when they suffer from peripheral vascular disease.

The reason for the muscle cramps is narrowing of the arteries in the legs which leads to decreased blood flow and lack of oxygen.

In advanced stages lower leg ulcer crop up due damage .

Ayurveda concept :


Due to defective lifestyle metabolites [aam] devlops in arteries which may hamper normal flow of  blood circulation results into PVD

Risk factors :

  • Improper lifestyle
  • Lack of exercise
  • Improper diet
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes mellitus

According to ayurved every patient having different prakruti,so according to that every patient shows different signs and symptoms.

Signs and symptoms :

Burning and aching pain in feet or toes while resting.

Numbness ,tingling or weakness in the leg

Redness of both legs

Pedal edema in some cases

Diagnosis  :

In day today’s practice we found many patients which gives us bundle of diagnostic reports which doesn’t have confirm diagnosis of PVD .we must have to take through clinical history which shows exact cause of PVD. We never rely on confusing diagnostic parameters.

We can do following investigations :

1.Arterial and venous color Doppler


Ayurvedic Management :

1.Oral medications :

According to dosha involvement and prakruti of patient one must follow medications at least for minimum3-6 months with proper balanced ayurvedic diet.

2.Panchakarma :

According to dosha involvement and prakruti of patient, physician may advice you following panchakarma.

  1. Vaman
  2. Virechan
  3. Basti
  4. Raktamokshan

Among all panchakarma raktamokshan(leech therapy )having excellent results in acute condition of PVD.

Along with above classical treatment we follow following treatment regimen in PVD.

  1.  Shastikshalipindaswedan




Tips for PVD :

  • Following a regular and right exercise regimen.
  • Eat well and balanced diet.
  • Stay warm
  • Take care of your feet’s daily.

success stories :

1.before and after treatment results of patient

pvd ayusanjivani results

2 : non healing ulcer results :

non healing ulcer :ayusanjivani ayurveda

patient with DM And Non healing ulcer :

ayusanjivani ayurveda no healing ulcer results

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