Best use under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor or health professional these traditional.

The word ‘Panchakarma’ Treatment is formed from two words – Pancha and karma. ‘Pancha’ means five and’ karma’ means treatment. the mixture of 5 therapies is administered to detoxify our body. The procedure followed by the Ayurveda experts is strictly as per the normal Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment described by our sages.

5 Stages of Panchkarma for Body Detoxification


A unique procedure of eliminating the doshas.


The process of reducing pitta dosha and toxins.



The process of eliminating impurities from blood using leech therapy.



The process for cleansing purifying strengthening the nasal passage.



The process of elimination of toxins from digestive track by using enema

Therapies of Panchakarma​

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Therapies of Panchakarma

Benefits of a Panchkarma During of Process

Panchkarma therapy is both beneficial for healthy people to maintain and improve his cellular function. The therapy:

  • Helps to restore metabolic fire (Agni).
  • Helps in implementation of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Reduces stress, and brings relaxation to the body.
  • Eliminates AMA (Toxins) and strengthens tissue functions.
  • Assists in balancing all three doshas.
  • Slows the aging process.

Restriction to be observed during panchkarma process

A strict diet and lifestyle has to be followed throughout the various stages of Panchkarma.

  • Take rest when tired.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, both internally and externally.
  • Avoid staying up late at night.
  • Avoid indigestible foods, and have foods that balances the dosha.
  • Avoid strenuous fitness regime.
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