Only Single pill is Enough to Deal with Thyroid Disorders?

Dr I am fed up of taking this thyroid pill since 2 yrs yet my symptoms aren’t less, when I will be free from these symptoms?

……..miss mrudula younger it worker from Pune. (India)

I made her settle down and asked few questions…

Are you doing exercise daily?

Are you following any diet and lifestyle?

She says big NO!

She replied nobody prescribed me diet and exercise ,every time whenever I go to my endocrinologist he usually take lab reports and increase the dose of thyroid pill……

This is the main fact we must have to change…

“Hormones” it’s an important and often confusing topic. Hormones relate to stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, energy, metabolism, digestion, sleep, sexual function, fertility and almost every other human function.

These days we have taken extreme steps to balance our hormones by taking synthetic hormone supplements.

If  we  go through the route of synthetic chemicals, synthyroid or elthroxine(synthetic thyroid hormone), birth control pills, Hormone Replacement Therapy ( synthetic estrogen,  progesterone and  testosterone)  and  now  to  the  confusing  world  of “bio-identical” and “natural” hormones.

The problem with using synthetic hormones externally is that it will suppress the natural function of the gland.

It’s just like telling the body that there is no need to produce the hormone anymore and the gland shuts down and atrophies.

                                 “USE IT OR LOSE IT

That’s why people taking a synthetic thyroid supplement have to keep on increasing dosage as their thyroid gland gets weaker and weaker.

Thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism cause multiple effects on the body. Hypothyroidism causes weight gain, mood changes like depression, lethargy, menstrual irregularities, muscle soreness, edema of limbs, also infertility. Hyperthyroidism can cause cardiovascular effects, weight loss, restlessness, digestion problems etc.

Though Medications are available for both these disorders, on regular follow up with doctor [physician/ gynecologist/ endocrinologist], thyroid disorder can be managed well. “Is it all that is needed to deal with this disorder?”.

As an ayurveda physician doctor, I would say ‘NO‘!

In addition to medications, efforts to improve fitness level to be able to carry out day to day activities helps to have better lifestyle.

In addition, regular exercise under proper supervision helps in weight loss, improves menstrual cycles as well as infertility! Benefits of being “fit and healthy” with proper medication and personalized fitness program goes on and on!

Last but important  Rutushodhan  (PERIODICAL PANCHAKARMA) helps to restore your metabolism .

So what you are thinking let’s start new life with Ayusanjivani Ayurveda special thyroid care program.

For ayurvedic thyroid treatment please read our other articles on our blog.

Dr.Shailesh S Phalle MD

Ayusanjivani ayurveda

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