Doctor, I Have a Hormonal Problem! …please help me

Doctor, I Have a Hormonal Problem  …please help me

Nowadays we saw many female patients who always blame on hormonal disturbance came routinely in our clinic.


We saw every next female patient suffer from obesity, irregular menses, hair fall,mood swing, hairs over unwanted areas, anxiety, skin dryness, unexplained swelling or any picture slightly differing from routine clinical scene is now a days are labeled as a hormonal problem by patients as well as general physicians . Trivial illnesses sometimes needs a thoughtful evaluation, we need to unravel the mystery of a diagnosis before sending or referring to other speciality.

Hormonal illnesses are a little bit difficult to treat in day todays practice to everyone and most of the times difficult to counsel  our patients. There are instances where a patient is being referred to a doctor for an illness which is hormonal but the treating physician is not aware of it and mostly vice versa.

why ayurvedic approach needed for endocrinology ?


Endocrinologists see cases of diabetes, thyroid, obesity, PCOS, pituitary, adrenal, gonads, bone illnesses relating to metabolism like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rare types of rickets, endocrine causes of hypertension, disease relating to calcium i.e. parathyroid problems. The spectrum of cases are wide and mostly treatable. Proper selection and reference to a trained doctor brings very satisfying results. On the contrary unnecessary labelling of a case as hormonal problem leads to a series of unwanted costlier tests.finally patient blame on physician and left hope of recovery..

when patient came to ayurveda with bundles of investigations and doctors files   we counsel them by our ayurveda agni  (means metabolism ) you want ayurveda approch to get complete recovery from hormonal disorders.

what ayurveda says about endocrinology ?


Ayurveda’s ‘Agni’ (metabolism) concept applies a natural and holistic approach that significantly help prevent and reduce hormonal challenges.
Its foundation is a ‘tri-dosha’ theory which views the individual’s constitution as a mixture of ‘Vata,’ ‘Pitta,’ and ‘Kapha,’ which are three distinct combinations of the universal five elements of wind, space, fire, water and earth.

A person’s unique combination of these elements and the effects of past lifestyle and dietary choices are considered when developing a personalized care program. However, since Ayurveda is a science of body, mind and consciousness, it is not enough to merely focus on just physical symptoms and imbalances; the client’s mind and consciousness also play a major role, especially in endocrinology. Therefore, Ayurvedic perspective is to explore and offer support for the healing of ‘stuck emotions,’ which directly and deeply impact the client’s overall health. In this way, Ayurveda goes well beyond the physical level when addressing hormonal imbalances

Dr.Shailesh Shamkant Phalle MD (Ayurveda Medicine )



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