Food Restrictions for Thyroid – A Myth or Reality : Ayurveda view


I saw many patients who  came for Ayurevda treatment after taking too much of thyroid supplements for many years ,every time I wonder that those people are ready to take any medications though it having side effects but not ready to change their diet pattern and lifestyle.

In the era of iodine deficiency and goiter the concept of diet is overlooked by people.

Ayurvedic Research clears doubt about do’s and don’ts .According to ayurveda main cause of thyroid disorder is defective metabolism.

Ayurveda has given agni concept to all mankind, defect in agni causes vyadhi utpatti (Disease production )so according this concept we have to restore our Agni means metabolism.

Healthy diet and healthy lifestyle play vital role in metabolism maintainace.So ultimately we have to follow our diet at any cost to prevent and cure from thyroid disorder.

Diet for thyroid disorders :

छातीत – पोटात दुखत असेल तर तुम्हांला असू शकतो हा आजार

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