Don’t Suppress Your Migraine Treat It ! : An Ayurvedic Perspective

Its totally wrong when people say that Migraine cannot be treated.

Ayurveda having best solutions to cure migraine naturally.

Nowadays migraine is very common form of headache seen in 15 % of the total population.

Women are more likely to suffer from migraine than men. usually there is hereditary component seen in some patient.

According to ayurevda “ardhavbhedak” is similar to migraine.

Causes :

According to ayurveda ardhavbhedak is tridoshaj disorder out of three vat and pitta dosha are prominent factors.

Vata dosha imbalances due to improper metabolism,indigestion,mental and physical stress,sleeplessness,hectic lifestyle,improper food.

Pitta dosha also plays vital role in migraine due to vidagdha ahar(improper diet) migraine get triggered.

Symptoms of migraine: Usually migraines are initiated by aura – visual disturbances. These disturbances can be – blind spot in front of eyes, blurred vision, seeing bright light, zig zag lights, lines etc. Some may get pre-migraine signs such as yawning, mild confusion, vomiting sensation etc.

Nature of migraine headache:  Headache over the eyebrows, Headache worsening on exposure to sunshine Throbbing pain Pulsating pain, pain increasing with every pulse One sided or two side headache, lasting for a few hours to up to 2 – 3 days. Pain may radiate to neck and even to the shoulder of same side.

Triggers for migraine :

There are some common trigger factors for migraine which are as below

1.change in weather

2.skip of meals

3.Stress physical and mental

4.Alcohol consumption

5.Vata and Pitta aggravating food intake

6.Menstrual periods (in females) or using birth controll pills

Basic Tips:

1.Make sure to sleep and eat at regular intervals.

2.Avoid  to take painkiller medicines frequently. Over intake of pain killers  may cause rebound headache and may eventually increase the frequency of migraines.

3. Make sure to sleep at least 6hours at night.

4. Avoid fasting. It will increase both Pitta and Vata dosha, worsening migraines.

5. Do not skip meals. 6.Use a very mild deodorant / perfume .

7.Quit smoking and get rid from drinking habits. Do not drink. strong coffee / tea. Make it light.

8.Do not abruptly stop taking coffee or tea. Be very gradual in withdrawal.

9.Try to avoid pubs and clubs with loud music and flashy bright lights.

10.Wear sunglasses wherever possible.

11.Make sure to have proper ventilation at your place. Do not use a/c for long period of time.

12.Early morning walking for 10 minutes in fresh air will help you immensely. 13.If you get time, go to a nearby Ayurveda center and get massage with Maha Narayana Taila. (once a week). Or take the oil and do massage yourself once a week and then take bath.

14.Use an umbrella or hat to protect yourself from direct Sun.

15.Avoid or restrict green chilli use.Watch for those things or foods that trigger a migraine attack. Make a list of them and avoid them

Ayurvedic management of migraine :

A.Nasya :

Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment specially nasya treatment having best result in migraine.

Nasya is of two types

  • Shiro-virechan nasya
  • Avapidak nasya

B.Vaman :- In chronic migraine cases we usually advice vaman treatment which removes excessive vitiated kapha and pitta dosha from our body.

C.Shirodhara;- shirodhara play vital role in some patients.

Note :Shodhan (panchakarma) treatment adviced depending on indivisuals.

छातीत – पोटात दुखत असेल तर तुम्हांला असू शकतो हा आजार

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