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Nowadays we saw many patients with disturbed metabolism in our day today’s practice but they don’t know how to maintain healthy metabolism so today we will learn what is metabolism and how to maintain that with easy ayurvedic practices.

Metabolism is nothing but a chemical process by which the body converts the food you eat and drink into energy. The body needs this energy to function and allow you to go about your day-to-day routine activities.


It is also needed that when the body is at rest, to perform tasks like breathing, circulating blood throughout the body and repairing body cells.

Your metabolism is determined by several factors, such as genes, sex, age, hormone levels, body size and composition, and activity level. A slow or low metabolism can have a huge impact on your energy level, body weight and overall health.

Some causes of low metabolism are

1.Excessive fasting,

2.Poor eating pattern,

3.An unhealthy or low-calorie diet,

4.Lack of physical activity and exercise.

  1. Snacking on sugary foods,

6.Drinking too many high-sugar drinks,

7.Poor or inadequate sleep,

8.Too much stress and accumulation of toxins in the body. 9.Other key factors responsible for slow metabolism are conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Some of the most common symptoms of slow metabolism are as below

  1. low blood pressure,
  2. slow pulse,
  3. fatigue,
  4. weakness,
  5. constipation,
  6. dry skin,
  7. high body fat
  8. Increased sensitivity to cold.
  9. mascular cramps

Men usually have a higher metabolism rate than women.

metabolism 1

If your metabolism rate is low, you can make some small lifestyle and dietary changes to increase it.

Healthy Tips to Boost your Metabolism :

1.Never skip meal and breakfast

2.Avoid sleeping late habit.

3.Avoid high suger consumption

4.start day with early wakeup.

5.Eat light whle the sun shine.

6.Get include ginger, curryleaves in your meal.

7.Intense workout strictly for min.45 min

8.Shodhan detox yearly to remove all excessive doshaj.


This information for knowlwdge only physician opinion required for critical disorders.

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