6 Easy Tips to Prevent Piles / Fissure :

We must have to follow 6 things if we have recurrent piles and fissure :
  1.  Avoid Irregular Bowel Habits  – Means Hard stool, more frequency of Stool, Strain in passing stool, prolong sitting in Toilets, once passing stool in 2-5 days.
  2. Avoid Hot & Spices Food – Means avoid Spice, Chilies, Curd – yogurt, Green Chilies, Non veg, Alcohol – Tobacco etc. hot food.
  3.  Regularized Your Food & Sleep – Always eat and sleep timely. Avoid irregularity in food & sleeping habits.
  4. Proper Fiber Diet & Water Intakes –  one must consume proper water (3-4 liter per day at room temperature,  Not Chilled/freeze water). Fresh watery butter milk with food. One also takes green leafy vegetables &  high fiber fruits.
  5. Do detox basti -Procedure yearly if you metabolism is slow and your lifestyle is too bad.
  6. Gluten free diet – if you have gluten allergy then avoid wheat in your diet. it will helps to boost your digestion.

छातीत – पोटात दुखत असेल तर तुम्हांला असू शकतो हा आजार

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