Over eating Habits of Children – a Basic Cause of Their Diseases

Over eating Habits of Children – a Basic Cause of Their Diseases

An Ayurvedic birds eye view :



Ayusanjiavni ayurveda suggest following healthy habit to achieve  healthy life of your child.

  1. Don’t give any fruits to the child when he is not feeling to eat anything. ( No hunger =No food )
  2. Stop over feeding the child. don’t give anything to eat  before 3 hrs once the child has eaten. Don’t keep empty stomach more than 4 hrs.
  3. Don’t give milk to the child when the child is suffering from cold, cough, fever, constipation.If possible add little pinch of turmeric and shunthi in milk .It helps for digestion also.
  4. Strictly avoid tomato sos,chease,fruit pulp,cakes,biscuts,corns flakes,noodles from daily food.
  5. Try to make delicious laddous such moong dal,Nachani laddu, at home .
  6. Make an habbit to give shira ,upama,sevai, laddos, kheer to the child. These are healthier than pizza, burgers, noodles, pastas etc.
  7. Try to give your child fresh cooked food (prepared min. 3 hrs before ). Moong Dal, rice, veg, chapati/paratha.
  8. Many of times child may suffer from Acidity and constipation ,abdominal pain this is because of children didn’t chew food properly .Make proper habit of chewing every bite of food which helps for easy digestion.
  9. Dont ever over look to the problem of constipation and acidity ,Irregular motion and allergic cough habits of your child.
  10. Dont give milk shakes/ fruit salads,Icecreams ,cup cakes to your child instead of that give fresh seasonal fruits.

11.Dont give your child any thing along with milk/tea/coffee.( avoid          combination of milk and the food having salt content)

These are some general tips, which helps to redesign your Childs lifestyle ultimately improves his /her health.

Now a days it is seen that all the parents want their child to eat fruits and drink milk daily. It is mainly seen that the children suffer from cold , cough, acidity, constipation and many other problems .

It is recommended that if the child is able to digest the fruits and milk then only these 2 things should be given, otherwise it may cause problems.  Many a times it is seen that the child is not having instinct or urge to eat anything. In such cases the parents give them fruits and milk having an intention that the child should eat something. Our patients get rid of recurrent cough, cold, constipation and motion problems only by avoiding unhealthy diet as told above.

It is recommended to visit a doctor when this situation arises. Many a times parents don’t understand that the child is suffering from acidity as child doesn’t know what acidity is and is not able to express it. The child has natural instinct that he/she should not consume food. Parents need to understand it.

Many a times over eating happens due to this problem. First of all, the parents need to get the lifestyle of their child redesigned.

They need to fix the time of sleep & eating. Try to give healthy and tasty food on the time to the child.

Parents needs to prepare their child for playing outdoor games for betterment of lifestyle.

We suggest to follow the pattern of 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm timings for a child to eat. Healthy sleeping hrs are from 9.30 to 6 am. 8 hours of continuous sound sleep is very necessary for all children.

Early to bed and early to rise keeps the child healthy. Try to follow it. Don’t let your child suffer because of your schedule. Try to adjust your schedule according to the child. Help the child to develop a healthy life style.

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